It is always an incredibly trying time when we lose a loved one. There are many emotions involved…sadness, anger, shock, and sometimes relief if they have been suffering. When we envision a traditional funeral or memorial, we often think of tears, sad music, eulogies, and a feeling of gloom. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In recent times, having a funeral or memorial service is still common, however, a new and beautiful trend, hosting a celebration of life, is taking hold. Life is a beautiful and sacred thing, and the memories made with your loved one deserve to be both treasured and celebrated. This is where Victoria’s House and Garden is here to help.

We know the last thing that you want to worry about when coping with a loss is planning a big event. You are already feeling overwhelmed. You may also be trying to handle an influx of out of town friends and family, as well as other services and estate issues.

Our goal is to help you find joy within the sorrow…to help you reminisce about the good times, reconnect with loved ones from near and far with a lovely event that is light on your budget and your planning responsibilities. This is the very reason Victoria’s House and Garden has designed all-inclusive Celebration of Life gathering packages.

With our celebration packages, we are happy to afford you an event that is easy to plan during a very hard time. We offer a 90 minute and 2 hour package for these celebrations Tuesday-Sunday.  Depending on your needs both are great options love and laugh with family and friends without feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

Victoria’s team will work with you to create an event that is reflective of your loved one and all the things that made them amazing and special. We make sure to provide time for an officiant or speaker, if you desire. Our indoor area is climate controlled for your comfort, and our beautiful and serene outdoor garden space is open to you and your guests during your time with us.

We also offer a projector if you choose to play a tribute with photos or video. This can be a simple touch that can help bring back all the good memories you have to celebrate. In addition, we provide display tables for mementos, flowers, or anything else you choose and soft background music to create an intimate atmosphere.

We realize memories are often best shared over good and drinks.  Both of our packages provide you and your guests with coffee, tea, water, and an option of a small bite station.

Victoria’s House and Garden is happy to assist in achieving a unique experience in celebrating your love one.